Coaching & Mentoring

Reading my blog is a good way to prayerfully consider whether Kingdom entrepreneurship is for you, or perhaps measuring or assessing where you are on your journey as a Kingdom entrepreneur.

If you would value Nick, or someone recommended by him, to mentor or coach you on this journey we will be pleased to do this in person or online using Zoom.

This will be tailored to your needs. Our approach is to provide a relaxed but focussed coaching/mentoring that will focus on agreed action plans, strategies and prayer points. We will always have these sessions to be Holy Spirit led and expect God to be speaking into your journey. Our role will be to explore with you the right questions to be asking yourself and God and helping you to take the necessary actions.

We do not make a charge for our time, but we encourage you to value the ministry that you receive by making a donation to the ministry.

Financial Sozo

See God’s Perspective on His Provision

Do you find money and possessions hard to manage? Do you struggle to balance the books or feel stuck with financial provision? Do you feel afraid to tackle money issues? Is your business struggling? If so a financial Sozo could help you get to the root of these issues in either your personal or business life.We offer financial Sozos to people who want to know truth and freedom in their finances. A financial Sozo will expose and dislodge lies/unthruths in the area of God’s protection and provision. Dealing with these will help a person have a deeper connection with God and walk in financial freedom with Kingdom principles of generosity, care for the poor and stewardship.Financial Sozo can be accessed by individuals or couples. They can be carried out in person (once COVID-19 limitations allow) or online. If online, we will provide details of how this will be arranged. We have also developed Financial Sozo as a tool for enterprises, whatever their type. Typically we lead the board and/or senior managers or leadership team through a team Financial Sozo and assist with the implementation.

A Financial Sozo usually lasts about an hour for an individual or 90 minutes for a couple or small team. For the value of the time spent ministering to you there is a suggested minimum donation of £35.  You can pre-pay by making a donation.

Financial Sozo was developed by Stephen De Silva. For more information and resources visit

If you want to set up a Financial Sozo ministry in your church visit


You can enquire about a booking by emailing us or by clicking on contact and filling in your details. You will need to download and complete the application form in the link below and send it to us before the booking can be confirmed.

Before your Financial Sozo you will need to:

1. Fill in the application form. You can download the form here, or use the online form below.

2. Bring a signed copy of our liability release form. Click here to download it in pdf format. 

3. Read and respond to the forgiveness sheet. Click here to download it in pdf format.


We also recommend:

If you are not part of a home or cell group, we recommend you join one before you attend a Financial Sozo. We recommend that you share with someone you trust what happened in your Financial Sozo so that they can pray with you and can hold you accountable for any actions from your Financial Sozo. You can return for a follow-up Financial Sozo after you have worked through these actions.

We suggest that you fast in the most appropriate way before engaging in your Financial Sozo. 



“Having been part of the Bethel Sozo UK minstry for a number of years, I wanted to experience the Financial Sozo ministry too. I didn’t come with major questions, but the experience was amazing. The Father showed me about the exchange rate of heaven (based on gaining joy rather than exchanging or losing anything) and also He showed me how I had separated His provision and resources from His nature, and led me to a place of integration again. Thank you Father!”


Teaching & Speaking

We are keen to teach and speak at churches, business events, special interest small groups and so on. If this is of interest, you can email us or fill in the contact form. We’ll be in touch to discuss your requirement in more detail.


“Just wanted to drop you an email and say a personal thank you for your time on Friday. It was a very enjoyable and significant time. We really appreciate you investing your time beforehand and on the day.”